Minutes of the Meeting of the University Senate, March 19, 2009

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Campus Security-update. Sam Lucido. Info item. Macomb-OU@Macomb-Mary Otto. Info item. North Central Assn. (NCA) Accreditation update. Susan Awbrey. Info item. Registration-Full Year Registration. Steve Shablin. Info item. New Programs, Ad hoc Committee, Report. Business Administration, School of-Constitution. Revision. 2nd reading. Approved. Education and Human Services, School of-Constitution. Revision. 1st reading. Grades-Change in temporary "p" (Progress: grade policy for graduate students. 1st reading; 2 reading waived. Approved. Departmental relocation. Resolution requiring consultation. Referred to Senate Steering Committee.


Minutes for the March 19, 2009 Meeting of the University Senate


Campus security, Lucido, Sam, OU at Macomb, Otto, Mary, North Central Association, NCA, Accreditation, Awbrey, Susan, Registration, Full year registration, New programs, ad hoc committee, Oakland University. School of Business Administration, SBA, Constitutions, Oakland University. School of Education and Human Services, SEHS, Grades, P grades, Graduate students, Departmental relocations, Oakland University. Senate. Steering Committee, Shablin, Steve