The Oakland Post 2008-11-19



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Sex: Are You Getting It? ; STAFF EDITORIAL Is the media portraying sex in the right way? ; Student questions the sexuality of youth fashion ; STUDENT LIFE WEEKLY: College students' money mistakes ; An honest glimpse at sex on compus ; Dr. Drew deals with drama ; Clark resigns to pursue soccer career ; Students owing money get reprieve in registration ; POLICE FILES ; Staff and students petition to expand discrimination policy ; Excellence to be awarded: OU to honor two professors nominated by students and staff ; Russi discusses OU's finances with faculty; calls for 'inventive thinking' ; Making a special difference ; Local billiard club hosts casino-style fundraisers for Special Olympics ; NEWS BRIEFS ; Big three continue to beg for bailout ; Getting schooled about sex ed ; Teaching women to be RAD: Self-defense classes and easy tips to protect against violence ; Students protest against bans on gay marriage ; Hoping to peak in time ; Record-breaker Solan wants redemption for last season's finish ; POST GAME ; Day-after scoreboard ; Golden Grizzlies Games of the Week ; MEN'S SOCCER OU falls in title game; earns bid ; You say goodbye; I say hello ; VOLLEYBALL Duquette leads Grizzlies to last week sweep ; WOMEN'S BASKETBALL: Jeltema and Pike carry the load for OU ; 'Evil Dead' star fights Chinese god ; Bond: the sequel?: REVIEW ; Tyra Banks can see the future and solve America's problems ; College: A time to become textually promiscuous ; Stocks decline as recession worry rises ; N W BRIEFS ; Wildfires still threatening homes ; Pirates hijack oil supertanker; anchor near Somalia ; Iraqi PM backs security pact with the U.S.



Pinsky, Drew, Oakland University. Student Congress, Discrimination, Fialka-Feldman, Micah, Teaching Excellence Awards, Russi, Gary, Budgets, Rape aggression defense systems, Rape defense training