The Oakland Post 2000-04-19

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


FAST facts ; Course fees pave tech future ; Global gathering graces OC: International event exceeds expectations ; Internal audit finds $1;171 missing: Upward Bound program counselor focus of police probe ; CRIME watch ; Senior competes in forensi nationals ; Esposito in person ; Mitchell reflects on term: Outgoing president gets on the job training STUDENTS FIRST!! ; Butt-kicking smokers find help at Graham ; EDITOR'S view Thanks for friends; memories ; LETTERS TO THE editor Junior tells OU not to fear the poop ; local Edge Festivals & Shows ; MOTLEY FOOLU: "I Wanna Be a Millionaire!" ; Upcoming Million Mom March brings new attention to issue of gun control: 800 Michigan mothers heading to nation's capitol for May 14 protest ; Four Day FORECAST ; TOM the DANCING Bug ; BiZArRO ; LEX ; THE UNIVERSAL CROSSWORD ; inside B ; life Edge: On CAMPUS ; "Fail Safe" sparks worries of nuclear war; end of world ; TINY littie PACKAGES: Diet supplements may aid weight loss; but check ingredients before swallowing ; "Crimes of the Heart" ; "Progressions" shows off OU talent ; FUERZA! fiesta 'Fifth of May' on ; Loveable Bullock maintains charm in rehab ; student Affairs UPDATING OU ; sports Edge SCOREBOARD ; Golden Eagles soar over OU ; Mother Nature smiles on golfers ; Good; bad and just plain ugly of Grizzly athletics ; Behind the music: MxPx and Giftvs reviews ; Giftvs booked to play in Pontiac ; Punk bands entertain all ages at sold-out show ; For Your ENTERTAINMENT



Student fees, Esposito, Louis, Gun control, Oakland University Art Gallery, Oakland University. Project Upward Bound