The Oakland Post 1990-04-16

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Pioneer finds new Japanese exchange program sexist; bugs being worked out ; Ex-student pleads guilty to campus bombings: Sentencing not scheduled ; Loads of recycling ; Renovations made to interim office ; Cisneros speaks on the importance of learning to learn ; That time of year ; Outside firm hired to help with business school dean search ; Education director for NAACP speaks on the challenge facing schools in the year 2000: Cole says increasing number of working mothers poses problem ; Anticipation ; Correction ; Sigmas raise funds ; Earth Day focuses us on how to save the environment: Individual efforts not enough ; Letters to the Editor Author of viewpoint also should ; Success takes effort ; Demands made at expense of other students ; Administrator's error distressing ; Editorial missing important facts ; Rhadigans bid farewell ; When animals own pets - help stop the pain ; Waters' latest rates well ; FILM ; OU lacks in Earth Day '90 ; Exiled student comes clean ; Munchers shift gears ; Q: What would you do to improve race relations on ; What's Happening ; student organization Recognition Night: CIPO presented "Student Organization Recognition Night" April 11. This compilation of award winners is courtesy of Beth Talbert; student organization coordinator. ; QUAYLE KOLLEGE ; So long; Rochester ; Baseball or a nap? ; No more tears; George ; Northwood sweeps Pioneers ; Netters jump back in win column ; Golfers fifth at Southern Illinois ; Another title for Huth ; Kelsey grabs second national title; diver of the year award



Bombing, Study abroad, Environment, Animal welfare