The Oakland Post 2013-01-09

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Double Trouble ; PHOTO OF THE WEEK ; BY THE NUMBERS U.S. GUN USAGE ; POLL OF THE WEEK ; LAST MONTH'S POLL ; THIS WEEK IN HISTORY ; STAFF EDITORIAL A nation in need of gun control ; COLUMN Finding your niche at Oakland University ; Campus Keeping the Bear Bus rolling: Program aims to build 12 shelters next summer; increase ridership ; POLICE FILES: OUPD dispatched to South Foundation for student medical emergency; suspicious bag ; Campus Magnetic attraction: University creates partnership with Avondale District to create lab school ; Campus Group of students continue to push for gender-neutral restrooms ; CAMPUS BRIEFS: International Education; Study Abroad Information ; Campus It's all Greek to me: A guide to sorority and fraternity life on campus ; GREEK LIFE BY THE NUMBERS ; GREEK COUNCIL BREAKDOWN ; DOLLARS & CENTS: Donations fuel OU; but where do they come from - and where do they go? ; Sports Matching jerseys; matching genes: Sisters work together on the women's basketball team ; Sports A Miner change: Experienced leader takes the helm of the softball program ; Sports Golf program signs new talent for 2013-14 season: Recruits boast awards and accomplishments in high school careers ; Local Picking up good donations: Local band Royal Hoax raises money for Rock4Hunger charity ; LOCAL BRIEFS: Food truck rally ; WEEKLY PUZZLES ; Life Helping Honduras for the holidays ; Students spend winter break volunteering in Central America ; Life Suspending disbelief with 'Lies'4/11/2019: 'White's Lies' comes to Meadow Brook Theatre ; THE CAST ; Mouthing Off SATIRE Creeping in the New Year



Bear Bus, Community partnerships, Gender, Gay Straight Alliance, Greek letter societies, Gifts and grants, Fund-raising, Student athletes, Charity, Student activities