The Oakland Post 2006-01-25

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


CELEBRITY ON CAMPUS Actor challenges cultural ideals ; POLITICS Vote moves Alito a step closer to high court ; Chrysler tries to beat opponents to the iPunch ; HUMAN RIGHTS Swiss investigator says U.S. 'outsourced torture' ; Television networks to shut down: CW broadcast to replace UPN; WB programming ; OP ; Tigers meet with student journalists at Roostertail ; Oakland Press offers free e-paper subscriptions ; Council addresses commuter issues: Lack of campus involvement; traffic are students' main concerns ; KICK OFF THE NEW YEAR ; POLICE FILES ; STUDENT CONGRESS Dance policy has Congress sitting out ; Scare tactics attack rather than inform public ; Moral High Ground ; Big Brother Is Watching ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Tenure process is fair ; Illegal abortions would protect many women ; Affirmative action is discrimination ; CORRECTIONS CORNER ; BUSINESS Hostile takeover ; Japan's finest up in sales ; The calm before the storm ; From worst to 15; Motor City improves fitness rank in two years ; Mixin' it up: CELEBRITY NEWS ; Now Playing ; Non-traditional students persevere; strive to earn their degrees ; Recommended ; Oakland University's Student Affairs ; BASKETBALL Men suffer major setback ; THE SPORTS Slate: Cubans ready to play ball ; WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Hafeli burns Ladies



Jones, James Earl, Detroit Tigers, Non-traditional students