The Oakland Observer 1968-11-01



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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


Vandenberg Bomb Scare Necessitates Room Search ; Genovese Lectures on "Paternalism and Exploitation" ; Thomas Dutton Dean to Teach Class ; Station WVW Closes Down Temporarily ; Approves Open Houses ; Budget Note ; Wallace Rally Develops into Melee ; Flower-Rock Star at OU in Nov. ; Black Students Win at U.C. ; New U.C. Course-Vietnam New Left ; Book Questionnaire ; White Makes a Difference ; Little Enthusiasm for Black Cops ; Vamp Musical Opens Tonight ; Mime Troup in Detroit ; Magical Mystery Tour To Be Released Soon ; Harpsichordist To Play In New Musical Series ; Record Review Fastest Guitar Player ; U. Art Gallery Presents One Man Show ; Election Coverage: Candidate Frink Interviewed ; Race For MSU-OU Board of Trustees ; Abolish Board Student Candidate Says ; Candidates Kuhn - Plunkett Interviewed ; Charge Disruption at Polls ; SDS Plans for Election ; A New Leftist Takes A Look At George Wallace ; Three lemons don't pay off! ; Grape Boycott LETTER TO TRUSTEE ; Letters to the Editor Purpose of Room Changed ; "INVOLVED STUDENT" CONCERNED ; Poeat NOT Given Financial Support ; U.C. Students Protest Grape Purchase ; Ex-G.I. Tells of Waste in Army ; Parking Appeals Rejected ; Hamlin No. 1 VB No. 6 and Southwest Lead Leagues ; Pioneers Sink Superior



Vandenberg Hall, Radio, Oakland University Art Gallery, Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Students for a Democratic Society