The Oakland Post 2005-02-16

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


WXOU rallies for radio rights ; Governor flip flops ; Idlewild relived ; Disparities revealed ; Civil rights topic of heated debate ; OU alumnus takes on Cisco ; What you need to know about skin wise ; police files ; the LOW down ; New health program to help stroke victims ; news IN short: Board of trustees cancels meetings ; Tales from the crypt ; Black HISTORY Month Events ; Global Glance ; Michigan: Canada's landfill? ; Drink "Happy" with beer buddy: Drinking alone can be depressing; "I.M. Happy" keeps you company ; EDITOR'S NOTE Editor in chief resigns ; EDITORIAL Proposed changes to merit scholarship will impact many ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Support continues for GSC ; Who's got game?: Check out which games made the cut for each system; and why they are on the list ; "Hitch" charms viewers ; 3 Doors Down provides what's expected ; Crossword puzzle ; Festivities show African tradition: Mock wedding provides insight ; Exchange student values the experience ; Dietary guidelines get an overhaul ; Grizzlies take sole control of second ; Player pleads guilty to domestic violence ; COLUMN No one wants to be a zero ; Club splits against Div. I foe ; OU earns big road win ; Kris Krzyminski leaves team ; Mid-Con Basketball Standings ; Around the Mid-Con



State funding, Oakland University. Student Organizations. WXOU, African American Celebration Month, LGBTQ, Health care disparities, Video games