The Oakland Post 2016-11-30

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Sweet Escape: Banquet Rooms Transform into Caribbean Paradise ; Library Concerts: Rochester Hills Public Library hosts "Loud at the Library" concert series ; New World. Foreign students adapt to American culture in the International Village ; Greta Challenges. Men's basketball team travels north; places fourth in Great Alaska Shootout ; Looking Back: 'Hot for Teacher': Student sues; citing free speech violation ; SVOU hosts movie night with Tuskegee veteran ; Professor follows photographer to visit site of nuclear disaster ; Deaf student in ASL program shares her story ; Time to get 'Loud at the Library' in Rochester: Assortment of musicians; local and beyond; to perform ; Students take a stand to end bullying on college campuses: Orgs come together; sponsor event to raise awareness ; Millennials could end smoking: Statistics show this generation moving away from tobacco ; What will your story be?:Peace Corps recruiter speaks with students ; OU is a top-inclusive campus ; Students feel the heat at SPB's Caribbean Night ; OU provides 6th annual Day of Service ; Day of Service nonprofit organizations ; International students benefit from apartment community ; Police Files: Coworkers at odds ; Vandalization in P32 ; Domestic Violence in West Vandenberg ; Thought on Trump's picks for cabinet: Many looking on with concern at the president-elect's choices for his administration ; Drew's Review: Top 10 remixes that are better than the originals ; Addressing child sex trafficking; pornography: As more victims are affected; it's important to continue tor raise awareness on the growing problem ; Political Focus: Immigrants' concerns with the Trump presidency ; Letter to the editor: Regarding Alex Stevens' article: Minority communities have the right to be afraid; having help available on campus is not 'sheltering' ; Letter to the Editor: An open letter to Alex Stevens: President Hynd's message was important; shows OU will continue tolerance; openness ; How to cram for exams while on a date ; Hofacker's Thanksgiving ft. family dysfunction ; Men's basketball completes four-game winning streak ; Volleyball drops the ball in semifinals ; Keeping up with Team 50's Alaskan adventure: Fans find ways to experience the shootout despite distance and time zone difference ; Men's basketball takes fourth in Great Alaska Shootout ; Women's team conquers Concordia



American Sign Language, Bullying, Peace Corps, LGBTQ, Volunteerism, International students, Student apartments