The Oakland Post 2005-10-05

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


OUSC consumed with allegations ; RFK Jr.: Activist speaks today at OU ; Irish activist recounts personal civil rights plight ; Athletic director retires; fulfills dream of taking OU to Division I ; Test your knowledge on environmental issues ; Solar power illuminates OU ; Plagiarism problem increases at OU ; Ford funds study to fight pollution ; POLICE FILES ; UP AND COMING ; Health-related fields grow; prosper ; Oakland University's Student Affairs ; Art Makes Over Detroit: Murals "bring a sense of hope" to locals ; Rochester Hills committee helps fight for newer roads ; EDITORIAL: Environmental threats are barely heard ; Upcoming Environmental Events ; EPA polluted proposal doesn't favor the environment ; "Hybrid" ; Student Opinion ; LETTER TO THE EDITOR Detroit has potential to improve ; Bush is a category 5 president ; Scientists discover moon orbiting 'planet' ; Eminem's publishing companies aim to block illegal use of songs ; Lindsay Lohan involved in another traffic crash in L.A. ; Tigers hire Leyland as manager ; Red Cross recognizes OU ; Bush reasserts his faith in Court choice ; NATION ; WORLD ; Wait is almost over for OU play ; OU goes all in for new poker club ; Poet celebrates life of Brown ; Big beads equal big bucks ; Class teaches calligraphy ; Students flock to free festival ; Style; performance rank high with students ; Getting a great letter of recommendation made easier ; FDA decision on 'Plan B' put on hold ; OU Relay for Life gears up to raise cancer awareness ; Defying odds? ; SPORTS ; Drawing even in the Mid-Con



Kennedy, Robert F., Jr., Oakland University. Student Congress, Solar power, Environment, Plagiarism, Oakland University. School of Nursing, Poetry, Student activities