The Oakland Post 1994-09-28

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


As misconduct hearing begins; Chaudhry's lawyer makes pledge ; University Senate Dates ; Faculty speaker ; Nursing school'spears' dean; awaits trustees' approval ; OU spanked!: Soccer team dropped by Wisconsin-Parkside 3-0 ; homecoming' 94 our GENERATION Dunk a dean; pummel a VP at dunk tank ; GOOOOOOOOAL!! ; Sunglasses are a must; says doc ; CRIME WATCH ; On to bigger and better ; Student Congress makes pledge to register voters ; Cross Campus Waiting could mean higher pay ; BEHIND closed DOORS ; EDITOR'S VIEW Professors should focus on teaching; shift from research ; Revenge could be sweet if aim is true ; Letters to the Editor Counseling program to help combat depression ; Lab equipment needs equal consideration in proposals for new science building ; Features Dancer devoted to a dream ; "Noises Off" opens MBT ; Aerosmith keeps a rollin' at Palace ; Who says classes can't be any fun? ; New organization feeds imagination ; Big Head Todd and the Monsters' fourth release an audio orgasm ; OU EVENTS ; ART ; CONCERTS ; THEATER ; COMEDY ; FILMS ; Sports Pioneer of the Week ; THE PIONEER DIRT BOX ; This Week in Pioneer Sports ; Winged! ; Parkside's interchangeable parts too much for Pioneers ; College sports: The truly best alternative to greedy professionals ; Quit tennis? Graham certainly won't listen to that racket ; Harriers finish third ; OU intramurals



Oakland University. School of Nursing, Oakland University. Student Congress