The Oakland Post 2018-01-17

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A win for the Grizzlies: Men's basketball starts 3 game winning streak by defeating Youngstown State ; Keeper of the Dream. Ed Gordon speaks at award ceremony about MLK's vision ; Interim director. Padraic McMeel steps up in Athletics after Konya's departure ; Felder back in the D. OU basketball alum signs contract to play for the Pistons ; Letter from the editor: The Post and journalism ; OU celebrates "Voice Day": Students learn about proper vocal cord usage; and how it can be applied to their professional settings ; MLK Day of Service unites community ; The soaring drone program at Oakland: Courses are offered four times a year; teach students; community members FAA regulations ; Police Files: A false unemployment claim ; A black Honda Accord with no catalytic converter ; Cookie crumbs on the desk ; OU vs. UCLA: How we use leftover meal swipes ; OU alum encourages people to "DreamLoud"" Kyle Jones is creating a social media platform that helps build relationships ; The Art & Art History Department is "At Your Service" ; Physics professor is OU's version of Bill Nye: David Garfinkle researches Einstein's theory of relativity ; Mathematics Student Society: Where numbers and equations can be fun ; Director Adam Gould ; OU prioritizes community involvement ; Keeper of the Dream ; Oprah keeps MLK's dream alive ; Trump's talk and truth about Haiti ; Iran and protests and President Trump; oh my! ; "Insidious: The Last Key" is just another horror movie ; Polygondwanaland - King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard's twelfth album: Everything you need to know what the album hold and its highlights ; Padraic McMeel named interim Athletics Director ; Jamie Squires is just getting started: The sophomore is bringing her best game to Oakland softball ; After ACL tear; Chris GIlbert is ready for the court ; Oakland bounces back with a win ; Kay Felder returns to Motown ; Celebrities for president: Nine famous people who will undeniably run for head of state in the 2020 election



Keeper of the Dream awards, Martin Luther King Jr. Day observance, Oakland University. Communications and Marketing, Drones, Hunger awareness, Social media, Oakland University. College of Arts and Sciences. Department of Art and Art History, Faculty, Community service, Haiti, Felder, Kay