The Oakland Post 2005-04-20

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


WHITE SMOKE SIGNALS NEW POPE ; Rock adds his edge to The Longest Yard ; Downing steps down; but not out ; PSP sales stumble ; OU may see Grizz statue this fall ; WEEKEND OUTLOOK ; Women take back the night ; Students can search for jobs in pajamas ; Women aren't from Venus; men aren't from Mars ; Pope touches lives of many ; police files ; Oklahoma city: 10 years later ; COLUMN Saying goodbye ; Renew tabs with touch of a finger ; No more helmet-hair in Michigan ; EDITORIAL Repealed helmet law; not only bad for the hair but your melon; too ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Former student disappointed in this year's election process ; College is more than just grades ; The D ; Bubble Bliss bursts with boba tea flavors ; Fact-based plot comes short of thrills ; Two Minutes With SUMEERA YOUNIS ; Out and About Music; Theater; Dance ; DANTE'S ENIGMA ; Recommended ; "Angels" lift spirit of soldiers: Letters from soldiers stationed around the world All letters were sent to volunteers in the Soldiers' Angels organization. Names are not disclosed ; Baseball wins one: Salvages series against Oral Roberts ; Students enticed by Grizz ; Stuard makes history at Mid-Con Championship ; U-M dominates club lacrosse ; Tennis claims season finale ; CROSSWORD PUZZLE ; Horoscopes ; Saying goodbye after four years ; From beginning to end



Grizz, Women, Oakland University. Student Congress, Budgets