The Oakland Post 2018-10-03

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Are You Registered to Vote?: How to register before deadline ; Bereavement: OU adopts an official policy for grieving students ; Banned Books. Kresge Library celebrates controversial novels in the US ; Oktoberfest. The festival came to downtown Rochester this past weekend ; Looking back: Hazing plagues campus in 1990s ; National community engagement survey to be offered ; Official student bereavement leave policy is implemented ; President's Report: the safety of our campus ; Students get involved for a Day of Civic Engagement ; Police Files: Parking lot panic ; Writing Center celebrates the ALA's "Banned Book Week" ; Feminists at Oakland spread sexual assault awareness with third annual Slut Walk ; Experts discuss tips for creative writing majors ; Healthy options to help avoid the "freshman 15" ; How to register to vote for the Midterm election ; Oktoberfest attendees celebrate the start of fall ; Creating a path to resilience: The MAASE Conference 2018 discusses the importance of mental health ; SPB celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with a trip ; Alt-J goes hip-hop with "reduxer" ; Supreme Court nominee and Flake - a tale of no back-bones ; The Democratic Socialist Party vs; capitalism: Capatilistic America preserves the rights to life; liberty and property in the free market government ; Grizz Madness: excitement grows for basketball season ; The sporting Blitz ; Fall brings beautiful scenery and depression



Elections, Bereavement policy, Greek letter societies, Community service, Sexual assault awareness, Banned books, Hispanic Heritage Month