The Oakland Observer 1967-02-18



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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


Student Fast Protests War In Vietnam: 'Act Of Conscience Symbolizing Peace' ; "Review Of Faculty" Publication Set ; Speaker Series Han Suyin: Chinese Scholar ; Clark Appointed Stores Head ; 60 Profs. Ask Viet Halt ; Editorial Page The Oakland Observer: Student Civil Rights ; Comment on Issues of Interest to the University Community ; Letters: Review Of Fernald Performance Criticized ; Campus Rights Group Article Corrected ; Student Assails Parking Policies ; Batman! ; Queen and Fun Reign In Wild Winter Weekend ; Sex Ed. Discussed ; North Central Evaluation Graduate Programs Awaiting OK ; Californians Approve C. Kerr's Dismissal ; Campus Calendar ; Focus Now Includes Films ; Campus St. Inc. Parents Swap Service Initiated ; Cultural Committee DC Institutes Exchange Programs ; Frosh See Advisor ; SPORTS ; Ferris Meet Ends Season For Runner ; B-Ball 104-95; 101-79 Experience Downs Windsor ; Ribicoff Introduces Senate Bill May Lessen Student Tax Load



Student rights, Activism, Vietnam War, Sexuality, Graduate programs, Han, Suyin, 1917-2012