The Oakland Post 2017-01-04



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Fresh Start: Review of Five Local Coffee Shops to Visit ; Stable Ground. Transgender professor joins WRT department after filing discrimination suit against SVSU ; Balancing Act. Research shows millennials often work multiple jobs; despite being stereotyped as "lazy" ; League Play. Men's and women's basketball both start 2-0 in Horizon League games on the Blacktop ; Tips for starting the winter semester on a high note ; Looking back: Then and now: How spring break in Daytona Beach has changed ; Students in D.C. during assassination attempt: Cast of OU play stayed on the same floor as man who shot Reagan ; Online campus magazine set to launch: Grizzly Outlook will soon publish its first issue; featuring sections related to fashion; student life and entertainment ; Firm selected for presidential search ; Police Files: Car scratched; police investigate ; #NotMyPresident ; Malicious voice mails ; Planning for post-graduation: Many students are unsure once they receive their diploma; Career Services is a resource for help ; Transgender professor sues SVSU; joins OU ; New year new brew: Top 5 alternative coffee shops in the metro Detroit area ; Theatre alumnus chronicles adventures; career in new book ; Millennial myth busted: We hustle harder. Despite stigma of being lazy; individuals found working more jobs ; The President's Report: OUSC's progress ; Political Focus: Russia's interference with the US election: Officials investigate; speculate how and why Russian intelligence agencies hacked into DNC systems ; Spending smarts for 2017 ; Must-see movie: 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' takes risks ; Best of 2016 literature: 'The Underground Railroad': Popular novel reminds of past; warns for present ; Drew's Review: Top 10 rap songs that have their own dances ; Men's basketball takes down Raiders in conference open ; Women douse Flames in Horizon Opener; 81-58 ; Men's basketball 2-0 in Horizon League ; Women's basketball wins New Year's Eve showdown: Team beats Valpo 104-63; becoming 2-0 in Horizon League ; Stevie Clark add spark to the game: New Golden Grizzly guard finds his niche at Oakland after rough journey



Armstrong, Curtis, Spring break, Grizzly Outlook magazine, Oakland University. Career Services, Transgender, Millenial generation students