Minutes of the Meeting of the University Senate, April 12, 2007

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Teacher Leadership Track in the Master of Education Degree approved. Info item. Master of Public Administration concentrations will appear on student transcripts. Info item. Master of Music requirement of major focus area-Conducting, Music Education, Pedagogy, Performance Adult/Acute Clinical Nurse Specialist MSN program suspended. Info item. Physical Plant Renewal Projects ("Deferred maintenance") Info item. Cooley Law School - update Medical School - update Performing Arts Center - update Applied Health Sciences, B.S. program. 2d reading. Approved. Dance, B.F.A. program. 2d reading. Approved. Acting, Musical Theatre and Theatre Design & Technology, B.F.A. program. 2d reading. Approved. Classroom Use and Scheduling Task Force. Adoption of Plan #2. 2d reading. Approved. Engineering Biology B.S. program. 1st reading. Computer Science and Informatics Ph.D. program. 1st reading. Human Relations Committee - decommissioning. 1st reading.


Agenda and Minutes of the University Senate Meeting on April 12, 2007


Teacher leadership, Master of Public Administration concentration, Master of Music, Clinical Nurse specialist, Deferred maintenance, Cooley Law School, Medical School, Performing Arts Center, Applied Health Sciences BS program, Dance BFA, Theatre Design and Technology BFA program, Oakland University. Senate. Classroom Use and Scheduling Task Force, Engineering Biology BS program, Computer Science and Informatics PhD program, Human Relations Committee decommissioning, Acting, Musical Theatre