The Oakland Post 2006-11-22

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


LEIBOVITZ DIA EXHIBIT ; NYC rights group calls Saddam trial 'questionable' ; MICHIGAN REMEMBERS BO ; Get more breaking Local; Nation & World news at Bush pays unwelcome visit ; Lack of funding; recognition forcing players away from OU ; Grizzdance honors OU film ; Panel discusses election: Michigan voters send loud message ; News In Brief ; Meadow Brook Hall receives face lift: New technology will modernize old mansion ; WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND? ; POLICE FILES ; Understanding women's inequalities: Students feel women's studies essential to advancing modern world ; EDITORIAL Don't politicize U.S. hunger; remember what it truly means ; "Corporate war" ; STAFF COLUMN This holiday; remember those who cannot be at home with their family ; STAFF COLUMN Thanksgiving seems to be the forgotten holiday ; LOCAL NEWS IN BRIEF Ohio State's 42-39 score also winner for Ohio lottery ; Detroit man arraigned on murder; other charges in shooting spree ; Hooters battling with City of Troy ; NATIONAL VOCABULARY CHAMPIONSHIP ; Michigan faithful pay respects to Schembechler ; Casino Royal stirs audiences ; #44 isn't a heart stopper ; THE WORLD IN BRIEF ; A show worth 70,000 words: Annie Leibovitz just might leave you speechless ; Will work for presents: There is still hope for cash strapped slackers ; Well worth the wait: Even when the wait involves camping on concrete ; Share good food; good will ; Places to donate and volunteer are plentiful ; Pump up with pumpkin ; Campus chefs duel with dishes: Chartwells holds Iron Chef Competition ; HEALTH Tips for staying snot-free this winter: A few precautions can prevent colds; flu ; O.J. book disappointing ; Save yourself the trouble - stay far away from access-limiting button-flys ; Grizzlies give great effort; fall short Tomahawk Chopped against FSU ; Men's team goes 1-2 in tourney ; Hockey falls to rival Davenport once again ; "If you can dodge a class" ; "you can dodge a ball!" says OU's chapter of Club Dodgeball ; ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT Swim team's Swedish Fish ; OU adds recruits to athletic ranks: Volleyball



Filmmaking, Meadow Brook Hall, Women's rights, Hunger awareness, Health