The Oakland Post 1994-01-12



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Registration dates ; Board Meeting ; Recreation Center ; Search Committee ; Senate Meeting ; Workers exposed to radioactive waste ; That Lady is a Champ ; McIntosh is apple of OME's eye ; University remembers MLK's Dream Eternal ; CRIME WATCH ; Skater chases dream and competes in Olympic Trials ; Mass Move manager eyes March completion ; OUR VIEW New year deserves look at recent good and bad moves ; Another View SAE's president deserves praise for promptness ; Opinion ; Letters to the Editor: Administrators should share budget burden ; Article's tone soils Greek reputation ; Congress promotes diverse opinions ; Features: Departing VP shares experiences ; STUDENT PROFILES: 'Stage One' directs rising star to the top of industry ; Senior bartender balances books; fun ; Beauty; perserverance are winning combination ; LARRY V. WEISS COLUMNIST ; Shirley Valentine warms audience's chills ; COMING SOON ; CINEMA REVIEW: PELICAN BRIEF ; Theater ; Sports Pioneer of the Week ; THE PIONEER DIRT BOX ; THIS WEEK IN PIONEER SPORTS ; Roughshod: Pioneers roll over a plethora of pretenders ; Top-ranked tankers topple foes ; Will the real Pioneers please stand up and be counted?: School record is nice; but not conclusive ; Tankers leave Canada on their own terms ; OU intramurals ; 1994 Oakland University Racquetball Tournament Entry Form ; Big numbers; big deal



Martin Luther King Jr. Day observance, Oakland University. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Ray-Bledsoe, Wilma