Raising Awareness of Neglected Tropical Diseases and the Prospects of Chronic Helminth Infections to Suppress Host Immune Response

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This thesis will delve into the background knowledge of parasitic diseases, explore the current research in creating anti-helminthic therapeutics and vaccines, and describe how these diseases are preventable and treatable with proper infrastructure. Current research in the field of parasitology is focused on the correlation between chronic helminth infections and the disruption of autoimmune inflammatory responses. With this knowledge, anti-helminthic vaccines and therapeutics could be developed against autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. My thesis will explore why parasitic diseases affect tropical regions and why this issue is important. My thesis will also explore the field of immunology, in particular the T helper cell type 2 inflammatory responses, and the discovery of why parasites trigger this pathway. My goal is to provide the audience with an understanding of parasitic diseases, raise awareness of the poverty and devastation they bring to those in the tropics and bring attention to the current research in creating therapeutics for autoimmune and inflammatory disease.



Parasites, Soil-Transmitted Helminths, Autoimmune Disease, Neglected Tropical Diseases