The Oakland Post 2008-04-02



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


An Unlikely Politician: Who is Steve Clark and what does he plan to do for OU? ; THIS WEEK ; STAFF EDITORIAL Why aren't women stepping up to OU's presidential podium? ; Campus activism gives foreign student new outlook ; Royals spoil Tigers' opening day ; Breakfast jewelry brings home the bacon ; Auto industry continues struggle ; Deterioration in Detroit ; NEWS IN BRIEF Nineteen-year-old man convicted of attempted murder ; Mich. gas prices above average ; U.S. Census Bureau opens new temporary office in Detroit ; Mandatory tests for drunk drivers ; Steve Clark prepares for presidency ; 60 seconds with the Vice President ; Rob Meyer gives final address ; OU student faces federal charges for sex with minor: Report says he drove more than 900 miles to pick up 13-year-old girl in Oklahoma ; Equality by inclusion ; You say it's your birthday ; Art and heritage defined ; POLICE FILES ; T-Pain concert at OU cancelled: Security and safety concerns nix SPB concert scheduled for April ; More than money can buy: OU professors affirm their love of what they do ; Basking in national honors: Swimmer Marcin Unold receives All - American honorable mention ; WOMEN'S LACROSSE Club lacrosse team off to solid start ; MEN'S LACROSSE Tri-captains look to continue off last season's success ; Weather wash-out ; Blast from the past: 'Super Smash Bros.': REVIEW ; Stars discuss 'The Ruins' ; Punctuation private eye: Student sticks up for grammar rights on campus ; Homeland Security makes it to second base ; Congress presses oil chiefs on big profits ; N W BRIEFS ; STALLED ; In historic change; Army lets married soldiers live together in Iraq ; Feds: regulations to be bypassed for border fence



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