The Oakland Post 1997-03-26

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Committee reacts to finalists ; Observations of VPAA candidates range from 'very solid' to 'polar' ; Voters choose Barnett; five write-ins decline ; Police investigate two acquaintance rapes: Five CSC's reported on campus since fall ; CAMPUS NEWS OC gets wired for Internet access ; HC hosts social for new home ; Campus tech could bring new division ; Handicap sticker leads to warrant arrest on campus ; ARAMARK gives 90 days notice ; EDITOR'S VIEW Where were all the voters? ; Opinion ; Letters to the Editor Exhibit teaches community to remove masks and learn ; Displays of Affection too Public in the OC ; Domestic Violence Sister to Sister brings awareness ; Features Dr.Judy gives expert advice: The voice of Love Phones visited OU last Friday to answer questions on love and sex ; Walt Disney world Offers Opportunity ; Chicago's Local H rocks Pontiac club ; Talent show hopes to bring back peace ; Hale-Bopp: Comet lights up the sky ; OU EVENTS ; No time for excersize? There is time in every lifestyle; schedule ; MUSIC ; THEATRE ; ART ; OTHER ; Spring has sprung: Baseball's back like we know it ; Let's Play Ball! ; Time to swing the big bats: After a 3rd-place GLIAC finish in 1996; OU tries to find '97 glory ; Pioneers take 5 of 9 down South ; Pioneer of the Week ; The Pioneer sports week ; Rogers: the make of a winner: Shortstop looks to help baseball team to second GLIAC title ; Motivator; perfectionist; champ: Hovland named coach-of-the-year for sixth time ; CIPO THIS WEEK: CIPO Programs



Vice President for Academic Affairs, Oakland Center, Technology, Vending machines, Computers