The Oakland Observer 1964-10-09

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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


Present 'Midsummer Night' Oct. 22-24 ; Dorm Council Appoints Investigative Groups ; Plain Folks Bus to Retort ; Form Civil Rights Group on Campus; Plan Local Action ; Senate Rejects For Admission Observer Request ; Grant $7,200 to Chem Prof ; Musical Copy Thanks to HiFi ; Editorial Let's Return Romney ; WARPATH ; K's Alley ; Perspective ; Calling Seniors ; Movie British Potpourri at Forum ; Calendar ; Parents' Day Next Week; Full Schedule Planned ; Placement Office ; Michigan Sculptor To Show Bronzes ; Social Worker Candidate Speak; Well Received ; Ballet Trip To MSU Mon. ; Contest Offer ; Mrs. Wilson's Party Ready ; YRs Y Dems Set Debate ; Staebler Here ; Bank Plans Coin Exhibit ; Campus Group Deadline Set ; OU Clipped By Strong Albion Team ; Student Golfers Handily Defeat Faculty - Staff ; Windsor Wallops Oakland In Sports' Day Events ; IM Building Renamed ; Lose To Adrian - Defiance Also ; Bowls a 639 ; PIONEER



Oakland University. Senate, Wilson, Matilda Rausch Dodge, 1883-1967, Meadow Brook Theater Guild, Dormitory Council