The Oakland Post 2018-10-31

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


OC Renovations now open ; New Trustees. Governor Snyder choose two new trustees to OU's board ; MID90S Exclusive. Cost of new film directed by Jonah Hill talk acting and life ; Cancer Free. Men's Soccer team IMPACT member beats Medulloblastoma ; President's report: SAFAC organizations for students ; Governor Snyder appoints two members to the board of Trustees ; Community comes together to "male a difference" ; No one injured in East Vandenberg Hall fire ; WXOU Concert showcases local musicians ; GSC hosts LGBTQ+ History Month Event for staff and students ; Malcolm Gladwell kicks off philanthropy campaign ; Grant for development of Arctic soil emissions sensor ; Golden Grizzlies Food Pantry celebrates grand opening: Oakland opens a pantry as an initiative to give students food security ; Criminology professor promotes justice for women ; Mid90s cast talks working on Jonah Hill's directorial debut ; What it really means to be a nationalist ; Thrills; chills and drama in new Sabrina reboot ; Team IMPACT's teammate's battle with childhood cancer ; Takeaways from the men's basketball season opener ; Volleyball takes the win vs. UIC ; Horrible creature induces terror on campus



Oakland Center, Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Volunteerism, Fires, Oakland University. Student Organizations. WXOU, LGBT+, Gladwell, Malcolm, 1963-, Grants, Hunger awareness, Women, Memorials, Student athletes, Cancer