The Oakland Post 2019-04-03

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Time to welcome Orange Cone Season ; Measles. Oakland County suffers largest outbreak since 1991 ; Writing Center. Members of the OU Writing Center to present at U of Dayton ; Volunteering. Service hours for Honors College confusion and value ; Looking back: Detroit Newspaper employees picket against hiring of professor: Students and staff expresses mixed feelings in regard to the protestors and their methods ; The largest measles outbreak since 1991 hits Oakland County: With 34 reported cases; officials urge citizens to check their vaccination status to prevent spread ; Police Files: Lost and found ; Philosopher explains how to combat oppression of identities ; Members of Writing Center to present at regional conference ; PFAS water contamination found rampant in Michigan ; Walton construction back for another summer: Lane closures creating problems for campus commuters and residents ; Honors College volunteering requirements deemed both helpful and confusing ; Music alumna works to positively impact Flint ; OU Professor rewarded with A.J. Ladman Exemplary Service Award: Dr. Judith Venuti receives award from the American Association of Anatomists ; Social norms can change with generational shifts: Students voice their experiences on the differences between them and their grandparents ; Trump claims witch hunt is over; many are not convinced ; Defending the innocence of President Trump on the Mueller Investigation ; Fencing becomes more inclusive: Team makes club sport accessible to those with disabilities ; Golden Grizzly now; physical therapist later: Chanel Gardner reflects on time as a track and field sprinter; future as a physical therapist ; Why dropping out may be the best option to end the year



Measles, Oakland University. The Writing Center, Road construction, Oakland University. Honors College, Venuti, Judith M., Awards, Fencing