The Oakland Post 2005-09-21

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Katrina victims call OU home ; Free speech calls for debate ; Exploring Michigan's Great Lakes ; Panel suggests ways to improve elections ; Mother preaches against all hate ; Student missionaries open eyes to culture ; Wellness fair strives to educate: Oakland University OUSC Student Congress: Chartwells' prices; regulations under fire ; POLICE FILES ; UP AND COMING ; Changes to SBA show promise ; AAA: Michigan fuel prices drop ; House approves ban on alcohol vaporizing machine ; AIDS Walk raises nearly $400,000 ; Walkers trek Metro Beach to raise money for Lupus ; Oakland University Student Affairs ; Gun control groups take aim at deadly force bills ; EDITORIAL Terminate our biases in our society ; "Drinking Water" ; Anti-hate activities challenge students' biases; views ; CORRECTIONS CORNER ; Oakland University: Answer the call for help in the time of tragedy ; WORKING IN THE FIELD: Getting that grand-slam internship can be just the experience you need ; Student Opinion ; "I-deafness" ; "An Open Mind" ; Storm; hurricane season still on the go ; Google accused of 'massive copyright infringement' ; NATION: Democrats disagree about Roberts' confirmation ; WORLD: Nine U.S. soldiers added to death toll in Iraq war ; OU student crowned Miss Oakland County ; Life is full of choices ; Spears gives birth to healthy baby ; 'Heaven' expels the devil to take the top box office spot ; Fox's 'OC' popularizes Death Cab ; M.I.A. heats up the music scene ; Resume 101: Breaking down your CV ; Career Services offers resume clinic; interview practices this week ; Nutrition: Take a bite out of bad habits ; Eat your veggies ; New Improved Food Pyramid ; STEPS TO A HEALTHIER you ; Students struggle with Freshman 15 ; THE SPORTS Slate: Wild wild card ; Lippert stays focused despite slow start ; SPORTS SHORTS: Felker and Wiese earn conference honors ; Breakthrough!



Hurricane Katrina, Food service operations, Hispanic culture, AIDS, Internships, Copyright, Career workshops, Nutrition