The Oakland Post 2003-11-19

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Silenced soldiers: Student artwork provokes thought about war; human life ; Commuter celebration ; Bugs plague phones ; Liaison: buck stops at BOT ; College; students resolve class cancellation ; Labs enough; for now ; Public labs and hours ; OU moves toward individual ownership ; Leaders in training convene ; Birds shooed from campus ; OU's fitness put to test ; Police Beat ; Surfing for airfare: Students go online to search for holiday travel deals ; Casino games come to bars ; Global Glance ; Program puts youths first ; Police get grant for added patrols ; Letters to the Editor ; Featured columnist Graham helps students beat the blues ; Editor's View ; It all starts with a name ; Point - Counterpoint ; Should prisoners be released to help the state save money? ; Deja Vu: Wolverines end NCAA run; again ; Men get second shot ; Runner sets new standard ; ON TAP @ OU ; Grizzly Spotlight ; Fatigue sets in ; All said and done ; Hockey moving up ranks ; OU up to par with NCAA ; Walker after '2 Fast 2 to Furious' ; 'Twas the week before finals ; Crow shows off top hits: Review ; Bands to face-off in battle ; AIDS quilt promotes unity amidst diversity ; Soledad enlightens ; O'Brien fact Box ; Gift fair to help improve OC ; Bad Santa; good movie ; Rhythm moves OU student: Student Profile ; THE LOW DOWN ; Crossword ; Detroit Youth Program is professor's greatest achievement: Shea Howell ; Professional Profile ; Oakland University's Student Affairs Weekly Column: UPDATING YOU EVERY WEEK! Graham Health Center



Telephone service, Commuter students, Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Computers, Fitness, NCAA, AIDS, O'Brien, Soledad