The Oakland Post 2001-12-05



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


News on the EDGE: IN THIS ISSUE ; Students log on for classes: Web registration up 20 percent ; Tribute gives praise to heroes ; Flappers invading MB Hall ; Two projectors replaced after thefts last week: Investigation picks potential suspect; OUPD reports ; Tuition payable online: Students can clear balances using SAIL system ; Phi Beta Sigma; Zeta Phi Beta host fifth annual scholarship ball ; North Foundation completes first phase of renovations ; Home for the holidays ; Crime WATCH ; December brings stress; prepare well ; Breakin' the Law: OUPD has jurisdiction both on and off campus ; Technology fuels student plagiarism ; Finishing college experience brings sadness; happiness ; NATIONAL NEWS: Middle East turmoil erupts with violence; war against terrorism continues to boil ; Israel; Palestine attack each other ; American Taliban fighter awaits U.S. decision on punishment ; MOTLEY FOOLU: Taking advantage of tax deductions when donating stock to charity ; Canada tightens border security ; Editorial: Legendary Beatle lost way too early ; Letters to the Editor: 'Mexican hat dance' inappropriate during class ; Sept. 11 still on everyone's minds ; U.S.; media could use changes ; Student says there's nothing to protest ; This war is one of propaganda; as much as it is a war of blood and Iron. ; Letter response: What is a liberal? ; views on the STREET: What are you asking Santa Claus for this Christmas? ; Life on the EDGE: ON CAMPUS ; SHOWS ; ODD INFO ; Highly anticipated holiday films jingle onto screen ; Tea provides more than great taste ; Rock 'n' roll before Hitting the books: December shows give students something to write home about ; 9 Forgotten films of the '90s ; LISTEN UP: CDS FOR SALE ; student AFFAIRS ; Upcoming Events ; LEX ; Horoscopes ; Sports on the EDGE ; UPCOMING GAMES ; Swimmers repeat as champs: OU wins third straight title: BCS provides more questions then answers ; Purdue dominates ; U-D Mercy gets best of Golden Grizzlies ; Katie Wolfe scores 20; Sarah Judd gets double-double in runaway loss ; Women split LSSU ; Two of A Kind Find Follies In Play ; DIA exhibition takes Detroit for a ride; art portrayals not accurate ; For Your ENTERTAINMENT



Registration, Technology, Plagiarism, Men's swimming and diving, Women's swimming and diving, National championships