The Oakland Observer 1969-03-21

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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


Fact Finding Committee Reaches a Decision ; Handi-wrap Distribution Causes Stir ; Tom Strong Leaves Public Safety Dept. ; Freaks Busted ; Construction Disrupts O.C. ; Board to Select Editors ; Strike Planned ; Formal Dance - the Chancellor's Ball ; Continuing Ed. Serving Corporate Interests ; PHANTASMAGORIA ; concert ; on campus ; University of Detroit ; flicks ; tb? ; outrage ; grande ; exhibit ; ARTS: OAKLAND'S FINE ARTS FESTIVAL IN ITS FINAL WEEKEND ; Notes from the Underground ; Fantastic New Guitar Player ; EDITORIALS: Whose Graduation Is It? ; S.I. Hayakawa Suppresses Campus Paper ; Kontuse A Story of Censorship ; Control of University Life ; Reply to Observer Editorial on Student Movement ; Students Mass for Peace ; U of M Opens Co-ed Floors ; Student as Uncle Tom? Editors Invited to Dinner ; Dancers Receive Thanks ; OU Sponsoring Pilot Inner-City Education Program ; AAKK: Afro-American Kin Kindel ; IM Basketball ABS Captures Title ; OU Skates Past Police ; KONTUSE EIGHT ; Five Poems ; STANDING IN ONE SMALL'S PACE: 13.II.69 ; poems ; FOR S.L. ; THREE POEMS ; trip ; spaceseed ; Child ; POEM FOR ERIC CLAPTON ; After the War ; Four Poems ; The Final sorrow ; The Watcher



Association of Black Students, Oakland University Police Department, Oakland Center, Oakland University Continuing Education, Kontuse