The Oakland Post 2007-07-18



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Special Edition: The International Issue ; THIS MONTH ; STAFF EDITORIAL The pursuit of life; liberty and happiness is a never-ending journey ; Beyond the rhetoric ; Student Congress to continue protests to Lansing ; Tuition jumps 13.9 percent ; Local man dies in skateboard accident on OU campus ; Students reach out to community through free enterprise: International student organization promotes student involvement ; What's your politic?: OU professors discuss government ; POLICE FILES ; Warm welcomes and cold shoulders meet international students at OU ; OU staff members making headlines ; Small loans that make a big difference ; OU students pack their suitcases ; 10 job suggestions for the modern day wanderer: Bored with the average job opportunities? Check out these unusual picks for the adventurer at heart looking for a paycheck ; Destination: OAKLAND; Golden Grizzly coaches share insight on recruiting athletes internationally ; Going Global: Check out where our international athletes hail from ; Dollars; not sense: Mike Ilitch's protest to ticket tax not in the fans' best interest ; Bad news Barry ; Hockey looks for new Grizzlies ; OU baseball welcomes coach ; Icky Awesome: White Stripes latest effort is an eclectic; winding joyride for the ears ; talented - eh?: Canadian songbird Feist "Reminds" the world of her power vocal chops ; Auburn Hills serves up tasty food: Oakland University's Chartwells wins award at the Taste of Auburn Hills ; Ragtime street fair new to Greenfield Village ; Celebration ends in shooting at Beacon Hill ; Cultural experiences await in Detroit: Ethnic neighborhoods offer a taste of the world without leaving home ; God bless the universe!: Aliens and Miss Universe are the keys to internationalism ; WWE superstar kills family; then himself ; New seven wonders of the world ; Rockin for a global concern: Live Earth concert aimed to raise global warming awareness ; Blair out of power in Britain; Brown steps in ; Kobayashi defeated! ; World New Briefs



Tuition rates, Obituaries, Accidents, International students, Student activities, Recruitment, Food service