The Oakland Post 1990-12-10

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Assistant dean to focus on multicultural unity ; OU officials unsure of budget-cuts consequence ; The big chill ; Faculty unaffected by multicultural efforts ; Though space is tight; extension classes aren't stressed ; State deficit fears may delay work on science building ; Urice's open forum draws sparse crowd ; AIDS memorial ; Senate approves new policy on advanced placement tests ; Crime Watch ; Engler's budget focus positive ; Walkout; boycotts not a good way to perpetuate change ; Community needs to wake up on racial issues ; Letters to the Editor "Others'" letters; actions do not represent all black students ; 1990 brought changes; but for the worse; to Oakland ; Racism infects all; all must combat it ; A hearty; healthy holiday to all: Fun and fit feasting tips ; Shape up before 1991 ; The oil crisis: Commuters crunch down during gasoline hikes ; Crafting the holiday shopping ; Break away this winter ; Local bands thrive; take awards ; Q: What do you think of the United Nation's Januray l5 deadline for Iraq to leave Kuwait? ; Baylor stops fundamentalist takeover ; ZOO U. ; Quote of the Week ; The Weekly Crossword Puzzle ; This Week's Horoscope ; What's Happening ; SPORTS BRIEFS VOLLEYBALL ; MEN'S SWIMMING ; WOMEN'S SWIMMING ; Golen leads cagers past Chargers ; win over Hillsdale Saturday; Men whip Hillsdale in home opener; lose to St. Mary's in OT ; Swimmers win at EMU Invitational: Women qualify 12 for nationals; men qualify 11 ; PIONEER TRAILS: UPCOMING PIONEER ATHLETICS ; WOMEN'S BASKETBALL ; MEN'S BASKETBALL



Multiculturalism, Advanced placement examinations, Budget cuts