Minutes of the Meeting of the University Senate, January 16, 1969

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Faculty Affairs Committee - recommendations. Sabbatical leaves - Faculty Affairs Committee recommendation. TIAA-CREF contributions - Faculty Affairs Committee recommendation. Sick leave/disability compensation - request for information on 1/16/1969. Liability - request for information on 1/16/1969. Insurance, health, accident, life - request for information on 1/16/1969. Student Rights, Ad hoc Committee on (Simmons Committee) - report. Senate, Ad hoc Committee on Responsibilities & Concerns of the - establishment. Students - student disrobed during poetry presentation. Info item. Meadow Brook School of Music - courses to be listed by School of Performing Arts. Info item. Performing Arts, School of - to list Meadowbrook School of Music Courses. Info item. Senate - non-member policy. Administrative professionals - recommend policies for them similar to faculty. Approved. Senate - elections - need nomination procedure established. Info item. Students - demonstrations. Info item.



Student activities, Student disorders, Research sabbatical, Compensation, Sick leave, Tenure, Liability insurance, Life insurance, Health insurance, University honors, Student rights, Departmental honors