The Oakland Post 2002-09-25



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Beer Lake car owner found ; Walking for a reason ; Auditor General's report released ; Russi presents budget at Senate meeting ; FOIA replies costly ; Career Services holds fair ; 'Action News' man offers his advice: Guy Gordon speaks about his early days in broadcasting ; Alum helps animals ; Troubles at home: Problems plaguing the apartments leave students frustrated ; CRIME WATCH ; Tariff for 911 cell phone calls ; Canadian Senate pushes marijuana legalization ; Mall attempts to revitalize: Pontiac's Summit Place Mall to put in children's area; make shopping easier and safer for parents ; Tunnel rate increases from Detroit to Canada ; GLOBAL GLANCE ; Global goof ; Editorial: Communication is key ; Letters to the Editor: Student concerned about blue lights ; FEATURED COLUMNISTS OU parking dilemmas ; Point-Counterpoint: Should marijuana be legalized in Canada? ; Professional 'racquet' ; Sophomore ranks fifth; hopes for first in world ; Volleyball sets loss record ; Lions continue to disappoint weary fans ; OU keeps record at.500 with draw ; Grizzlies slide hits six games ; Grizzlies name SID: Former NASA engineer returns home to Michigan ; GRIZZLY SPORTS CALENDAR ; Student AFFAIRS: Updating OU ; Village people: Meadowbrook Mall replaced by new shopping center; will be completed this November ; Cinema A spanking good time: Spader shows Gyllenhaal who's boss in dark; erotic 'Secretary' ; Music ; Painterly touch not enough to save 'Lady' ; Retrospective ; Kurosawa at DFT ; Dawson goes to college in Avary's 'Rules' ; Editor's Pick: Vinyl



Beer Lake, Bear Lake, Budgets, Oakland University. Career Services