The Oakland Observer 1964-09-25

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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


Board Approves $2,700,000 for OU Expansion ; Name Band Plays Dance ; Registration Totals 1,799 ; Suspend Frosh Plagiarist ; Editorial Our Choice - LBJ ; In The Gallery OU Sees Usui Abstracts ; Music Perspective On Music ; Warpath ; Dorm Students Campaign ; Freshmen Organize Class Government - Forsee Total Student Participation ; Foremost Authors Convene Here For Third Conference ; Service Club Started On OU Campus ; Outstanding Pianist Opens Concert Series Tonight ; SFC Selects New Officers ; Movie Review Italian Trto Trite Futile ; Calendar ; Teachers Intern ; YR'S Y Dems New Librarian Emphasizes Find Campus Flexibility - Good Service Competition ; Hill House Construction Delayed Again ; To Offer Flu Shots Soon ; Develop Skills ; Theatre Aston Assumes New Theatre Post ; Staff Jobs Still Open ; Yearbook Meeting ; Music Groups Seek Place On Campus ; Concerts Begin ; FOLK DANCING ; New Post For Corker ; Debaters Discuss Strategy for Intercollege Tourneys; To Judge High Schoolers ; College Plan Reinstated ; IM9 - intercollegiate Sports Underway ; Sports Schedule ; Cast Begins Rehearsal of Midsummer Night's Dream ; Flint Sports Day Ready ; Sports Day At Windsor ; SPORTS JAMBOREE ; OU Pioneers Open Season



Budget appropriations, Blumfield, Coleman, Oakland University. Student Congress, Kresge Library, Hill House, Varner, Durward B., 1917-1999, Writers' conference, Meadow Brook Theater Guild, Little College