The Oakland Post 2001-02-14

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


INSIDE: NEWS edge ; Prof. uncovers new chapter in Chinese missionary history ; Prosecutor says no to sex assault complaint ; OUSC Presidential candidate singled out ; Slamming to a crowd ; Provost; President launch 'vision' ; CRIME watch ; Students 'Intrigued' by new hip hop dance company ; Alumna shares sweet sounds of African American history ; E-Week focuses engineering students: National Society of Black Engineers host lectures ; Editor's View Drinking may lead to more than just a good time ; letters to the Editor Alleged CSC victim disappointed in Post coverage ; OUPSA-MEA NEA thanks The Post ; Math dept. lacking? ; Cupid draw back your Bow: The legends; symbols; superstitions of Valentine's Day ; Affairs student UPDATING OU: Now accepting applications and nominations for: STUDENT LIAISON to the Oakland University Board of Trustees ; MOTLEY FOOLU: Credit Cards for Two ; Four Day weather ; Napster loses battle in court; must stop swapping music ; MDOT unveils new road plan ; U-M Law School trial nears end ; Engler increases education money ; inside b ; LIFE edge: ON CAMPUS ; Pick-up Lines ; sets the record straight ; Out of this world gift ideas ; Significant other ; Great Date Ideas for Under $10 ; Those 3 Little Words: How to say "I love You" in different languages ; Online dating captures hearts; fears ; You can quote me on that: To find out what movie each quote is from; visit The Oakland Post's website; ; Listen Up: What's in Your CD Player? ; Jon Champagne: from prankster to basketball star ; SPORTS edge SCORE BOARD ; Rivalry with Valparaiso heats up tomorrow ; Men win two in a row; defeat Golden Eagles ; Women find depth needed for NIC Championship: Swimmers lose to Cincinnati; women beat Eastern ; Ragan; Oral Roberts too much for Grizzlies ; Black Bears snubbed; beat Hope; Muskegon ; Mid-Continent Conference Standings ; Hannibal wears his HEART on his sleeve ; For Your valentine's day



Oakland University. Student Congress, Rape, African American Celebration Month, National Society of Black Engineers