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BACK WITH CLASS ; this week ; PHOTO OF THE WEEK ; BY THE NUMBERS ; Perspectives STAFF EDITORIAL Don't forget to remember ; Campus Letter to the Editor: 'I feel that my safety comes into question' ; Concerned student questions if parking options for those who live on campus is not only fair; but safe ; Campus OUSC holds first fall meeting ; Student Congress saved money from last year's budget; now has $140,371.89 ; Grizzlies on the Prowl: "What do you think about students parking in handicapped spots (when they aren't handicapped)?" ; POLICE: Suspicious circumstances at WXOU ; Campus MySail app is moving forward: Oakland University's MySail app undergoes an extensive makeover with new 3.0 version ; Oakland University carillon player; 'it's not just a new clock tower' ; Campus Eating fresh is now easier than ever before ; Student Organic Farm Program grows produce for new food court ; Campus Michigan law: EpiPens required in schools ; Teachers can now administer epinephrine to students in emergencies ; Campus OUPD appoints first; youngest female lieutenant: Chief of Police Mark Gordon promotes OUPD officer ; Campus Person with disability speaks out on parking situation: 'some of us don't have a choice' ; Campus To be healthy is to be happy ; Making health-driven food choices on campus doesn't have to be hard ; WELCOME BACK ; Students get pumped during Welcome Week ; NAME THAT ORG ; Sports Head coach Jeff Tungate releases upcoming schedule: Women's basketball cements 2014-15 opposing teams ; THE SPORTING BLITZ: Men's Basketball ; Sports Game on; Grizzlies ; New homecoming festivities to take place on campus this year at Oakland ; Homecoming game schedule: Friday; Sept 19 ; Sports Living in a fantasy world: Fantasy football is a big part of many people's lives during the fall; OU students are no exception ; Life Oakland's art gallery kicks off new season ; Faculty exhibit photos of Finland; provides fresh perspectives ; Life Former OU music student's dreams pan out perfectiy ; OU faculty member indulges students in worldly music ; Puzzles ; Mouthing Off SATIRE The grass is always greener



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