The Oakland Post 2009-09-09

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


DRAWING THE LINE ; NEW WEBSITE ; THIS WEEK ; STAFF EDITORIAL Picketing 114 isn't enough ; BLUNDERGRADS ; CORRECTIONS CORNER ; You can prevent campus crime ; Pushing the issues: Who is saying what in the OU-union negotiations ; Signs taken down from res hall windows; policy stated as cause ; OU launches new slogan; billboards to change ; Graffiti found on campus ; POLICE FILES ; Bike share program rolls on ; Real-world scientific research ; OU art alum pursues jazz career ; How have you spent your first week at school? ; Market offers fresh; local fare ; Drew Barrymore to host local skating event ; Local news briefs: Tax plans; coal plant proposal reviews ; Rep. seeks fuel reform ; Women in review: Child; Chanel; Fox: Julie and Julia ; Coco Before Chanel ; Jennifer's Body ; Bizarre days for video games ; Golf teams set to tee off ; Oakland hosts weekend volleyball tournament ; Club rugby team opens new season ; College football needs no 'Messiah' ; Soccer match ends in tie ; Obama advises caution on what kids put on Facebook ; N W BRIEFS ; Slacking satirist starts strike!: Nope; forget it; I'm not putting in a second headline. I'm protesting



Oakland University Police Department, Union contracts, Video games, Golf, Social media