The Oakland Post 2006-11-29

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LAST POST ISSUE ; SIX MORE YEARS: STAFF REPORTS ; SNUFFED OUT ; Thanksgiving reflections on man's best friend ; No prescription required for Plan B: Morning after pill now at drugstores and on campus ; Pro-life speaker shares story; stance ; Event info ; Walking for peace ; QUOTE OF THE WEEK ; WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND? ; POLICE FILES ; Troy Athens alumnus concerned over lost identities ; Online service hopes to cause less 'Ruckus' for music downloaders ; Not wise to quit a job without a backup plan: Resist the urge to impulsively let go of position ; CAMPUS RUNDOWN ; Irvin comments entirely culpable ; Help raise money for childhood cancer research: Program to launch a letter sending campaign to ask for donations ; EDITORIAL Mass transit system could revive Detroit economy ; GUEST COLUMN Low turnout for cultural awareness week a sign of student apathy ; "Driven into the Dirt" ; GUEST COLUMN Foreign student sees 'colorful' society behind Hollywood simplicities ; NEW SPARTAN COACH ; Michigan lawmakers hear debate about medical marijuana ; LOCAL IN BRIEF ; THIS WEEK IN HISTORY ; Don't get fat; break even: Hitting the gym serves as holiday detox ; Quebec recognized as a nation within Canada ; THE WORLD IN BRIEF ; THIS VS. THAT: Self-proclaimed experts in the world of gaming; team up to show down on "Gears of War" ; Mean it this year: Resolutions to make and how to keep them By NINA GOJCAJ Contributing Reporter ; A dish to pass: Something to make that your friends won't pass on ; The low down on how to slow down: How to stay stress free during the finals frenzy ; QUOTE Of THE DAY ; All OU wants for Christmas: Pony; Nintendo top students wish lists ; New semester brings new minors: Studies program expands course offerings ; Buy a sweater; save a life: Holiday purchases may benefit charities ; QUOTE OF THE WEEK ; Violent society is not victim of video games ; Living at home has some benefits; mostly causes embarassment ; Flying fists down Grizzlies: Saturday night's all right for fighting ; Women's basketball splits pair in road trip ; LOOKING TO SNAP OUT OF A SLUMP ; Legends of the fall: And other tales of the 2006 season ; Grizzlies see green; Spartan green: And neither coach is happy with the outcome



Russi, Gary, Women, Religions, Cancer, Marijuana, Video games