Minutes of the Meeting of the University Senate, April 13, 1971



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Calendar-recommendations re exams on religious holidays. 2d reading. Approved. Community Service & Human Development, School of-encourage planning for. Approved. Speech courses-rescind limitation on number. 2d reading. Approved. Courses-speech courses-rescind limitation on number. Approved. Courses-Introduction to Japan UC03. 2d reading. Approved. Exploratories-exploratory course UC03-eliminated. Approved. Courses-Exploratory UC03-eliminated. 2d reading. Approved. Credits-competency. 2d reading. Approved. Competency-competency credit. 2d reading. Approved. Graduation requirements-last 8 credits must be taken in residence. Approved. Credits-last 8 credits must be taken in residence. Approved. Senate-membership. (librarians-approved, students deferred). Courses-Introduction to the Slavic World, UC 070. Approved.


Agenda and Minutes for the April 13, 1971 Meeting of the University Senate


Calendars, Religious holidays, School of Community Service and Human Development, Speech courses, Rescind limitation, Courses, Exploratories, Exploratory courses, Competency credits, Credits, Graduation requirements, University Senate membership, Residency requirements