The Oakland Post 2007-10-03

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Chasing tuition dollars: Fight for state funding of higher education brings OU to Lansing ; THIS WEEK 10.03.07 ; 14 Michigan universities rally for funding in Lansing ; STAFF EDITORIAL Free; fun; and right here - why not check out OU sports? ; University nurtures nature: Preserves provide research opportunities ; HIDEAWAY HOME: Couple shares OU land; wildlife ; University amps up its security: In wake of campus shootings; OUPD works to keep school safe ; Mayor of Rochester Hills kicks off leadership series ; OU alumnus shares keys to success ; POLICE FILES ; Burke lecture series to host Peter Singer ; Not another 'B' flick: The buzz on Jerry Seinfeld's new movie ; Foo album offers variety and quality ; Do you know the 'Woodie?' ; Exploring the calm of commotion ; Campus Legends ; Government shutdown ends; taxes rise ; Local coffeehouse chain to change name to Biggby's ; The great divide ; Defending club hockey champs open season 1-1 ; Sebby strikes again: Oakland Soccer loses to Michigan; wins conference opener ; St. Louis to re-join team Oct. 27 ; Tomczyk; Hartwig help Oakland to tie ; OU ready for closeup ; Blue-collar practice: Pistons goin' to work at the O'rena ; CLUB SPORT SPOTLIGHT Breaking away: Billiards club open to pool sharks; minnows alike ; undergrad and engaged: For some OU students; being engaged or married can lead to a misunderstanding with peers ; Stay fit without leaving your dorm room: Students don't need the gym with this convenient 15-minute workout ; Caught reading The Post ; Burglars; Butts and bras: Thieves have gotten odder and more creative over the years ; Math students cry wolf ; Jury: Thomas harassed former executive ; Taliban executes Afghan teenager: 15-year-old boy hanged for having U.S. money ; Leaders of North; South Korea meet ; Nation World News Briefs ; New world record:stone skipped 51 times



Student demonstrations, Budget appropriations, Nature preserves, Oakland University Police Department, Barnett, Bryan, Politics