The Oakland Post 2006-02-15

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


WINTER OLYMPICS 2006; TORINO ITALY: Ligety wins gold in men's combined ; STATE OF THE STUDENT BODY ADDRESS It's wrong for higher ed not to be 'right' ; YOUR CAREER How to get a glowing recommendation ; Granholm proposes higher spending on university funding ; When to Watch ; How local athletes fared in Torino ; Back massages made easy ; POLICE FILES ; OAKLAND UNIVERSITY STUDENT CONGRESS Congress supports 'no' vote ; How do you feel OUSC is doing at representing you and the student body? ; NATION ; WORLD ; EDITORIAL Racism still exists today ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Civil Rights Initiative is discriminatory ; While offensive; cartoons not slander ; BACK IN THE DAY OU alum pens second book ; GUBERNATORIAL RACE Granhelm leads probable opponent: The Associated Press ; They're Grrrreat! Cereal giant to turn 100 ; Now Playing ; A Touch of Class: Students dress to impress at the Meadew Brook Ball ; MOVIE REVIEW ; Mixin' it up ; HEALTH McDonald's: Fries have more trans fat ; Scientists find T. rex's earliest known ancestor ; TECHNOLOGY'S EFFECT ON EVERYDAY LIFE MySpace: A new star hits the Web ; Michigan site logs 10 million views a month ; HEALTH Mmm! Smelling good may mean it's good for you ; Study finds huge gap between male; female characters in G-rated movies ; Final doubleheader of the year: Men bounced by UMKC; women extend home winning streak: MEN'S BASKETBALL ; BASKETBALL Oral Roberts hands men worst Mid-Con loss ever



State funding, Affirmative action, Meadow Brook Ball, Social media