The Oakland Post 2005-01-26

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Applying race: Panel talks diversity in professional world ; France: Not just fries ; Series hits Islam 101 ; OU students help with relief ; Congress decides to support new GSC ; WEEKEND OUTLOOK ; GROWING OUR OWN? ; Have our efforts to protect the country from foreign violence resulted in a domestic brand? ; The Center for Victims of Torture ; Oakland University's Student Affairs Weekly: updating yOU every week! ; Detroiters have a Blast ; 'It's just a plant' ; Cuts close Belle Isle Aquarium ; Global Glance: Gates fights children's viruses ; Global goof: Women give new urinal a standing ovation ; GUEST COLUMN Student Congress addresses campus race relations ; Important issue topic of event; meeting deliberations ; EDITORIAL Waiting to plan could cost more in long run ; Social Security Quick Facts ; MLK and a dialogue on race LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ; Theta Chi: A new chapter ; Students continue call for GSC ; What's the craziest thing you have done or seen in the snow? ; ERI attempts to find a cure for the eye's ailments ; Palace features Harlem Globetrotters ; Variety drives unique sound ; Original mix helps drive The Arcade Fire to new heights ; Unusual film has following ; Academy Awards nominees released ; 2005 OSCAR NOMINATIONS ; Rowland retains reign ; H OROSCOPES ; Crossword ; THE LOW DOWN ; Hafeli pours in 31 to lead Grizzlies' attack ; Anything you can do; they can do better ; Upcoming Schedule ; Grizzlies fight snow; foes for wins ; Marshall's energy lifts OU over Southern Utah ; Super reasons for who will win: New England ; Philadelphia



Diversity, France, Islam, Nixon, Jude, Violence, Marijuana, Eye Research Institute