The Oakland Post 1995-01-11



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Packard Quits Campus reactions vary to President's sudden departure: Shock; indifference marks President exit from school ; Russi tagged interim leader: Her resignation signals end of controversial 31-month tenure ; Still simmering on the front burner ; Cabinet responds to Packard's resignation ; CRIME WATCH ; Briefly Important Dates ; Coffeehouse Concert ; Blood Drive ; Student Life Series ; Campus News: OU registration equals frustration ; Student Congress Book Swap a Success ; Most students enter college with hope; exit much older ; Opinion ; EDITOR'S VIEW Packard's exit sudden; sad end to tenure ; Letters to the Editor Advisor urges fan support: School Spirit ; Student questions snow removal; sidewalk safety as winter health risks approach: Sidewalk Safety ; Survey Says - "What's your New Year's resolution for 1995" ; Stags and Hens ; Features All the world's a classroom ; now falls; area slopes call ; Hack press excites masses ; RCJ professor featured in book felling of Detroit's fight for survival ; Around the world in 80 pages: Multicultural Reading Group brings the world of foreign literature to OU students with hectic schedules ; Pawl Newman saves face in otherwise 'foolish' flick despite star-studded cast ; OU EVENTS ; CONCERTS ; ARTS ; THEATRE ; OTHER ; CIPO This Week!: CIPO Programs ; Sports Pioneer of the Week ; Pioneer Dirt Box ; This Week in Pioneer Sports ; AD search finally under way ; Men and women tankers kindle competitive flames in easy triumph over Western Ontario ; Hot cagers sink Lakers; 87-81 ; Reward comes in the ranks: The men's basketball team ranked seventh nationally in NCAA Division II poll; its highest ranking ever ; NMU spikers repeat national title feat ; OU intramurals



Packard, Sandra, Resignations, Russi, Gary, Guinier, Lani, Registration, Activism