The Oakland Post 2003-02-05

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Keeping MLK's dream alive ; Making progress ; Students; faculty express concern over impending war ; Community criticizes OU's Board of Trustees ; Hitting the runway ; Beer Lake: Then and now ; Restructuring and beautification of pond bring up memories of what it used to be ; Educating students about sex ; OUSC denies OUPD funds: Congress decides not to help finance repairs to broken blue lights on campus ; Getting personal ; Crime Watch ; Seven die in disaster ; Time to apply for financial aid is now ; Waterford mall to install water park: After putting in an indoor children's play area; Summit Place is still looking for other ways to bring shoppers back to the dwindling mall ; Global Glance ; Global goof ; Royal Oak Music Theatre dances no more ; Editorial INS treatment too harsh ; Letters to the editor: Reader troubled by apparent OMA violation ; Featured Columnists All University Fund Drive puts students first ; Point - Counterpoint: Are recent reality TV shows purely entertaining? ; Charter class celebrates 40: Planning for reunion celebration underway ; Congress: Show us what you got ; Art on display ; Swordplay; suicide: Two new Varner shows open this Thursday and Friday ; Luck be a lady at OU ; CSA offers discount tickets ; Road yields two wins ; Women stretch winning streak ; OU leads Commissioner's Cup ; LeBron isn't the one losing out on suspension ; Grizzlies split with Spartans ; Postseason preparation begins ; Commission doesn't call for Title IX overhaul ; Student Spotlight Peter Varon ; FISHBOWL ; Grizzly Sports Calendar ; Crossword ; OU says: Should we continue with manned space travel? ; THE LOW DOWN ; Student Affairs: Updating OU



Martin Luther King Jr. Day observance, Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Beer Lake, Bear Lake, Financial aid, Charter class