The Oakland Observer 1968-09-20



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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


Who Is OSCCR? ; Ultimatum ; Manifesto: OAKLAND STUDENTS COMMITTEE ON COMMUNITY RELATIONS ; Riesmon As "Classic" Educator ; Graduate Grants For Study Abroad ; Columbia Cop Action Produces Law Suits ; Dick Gregory At OU Oct. 4: Observer Brings Rights Activist to Oakland Campus ; Election Effects Draft ; Hone Rule Demanded ; PANEL WITH FATHER MEYER ; Overcrowding Considered Major Problem ; CAUCUS FOR A NEW POLITICAL SCIENCE HELD ; Arts: The Bombing of the North; NORTH VIETNAM: A DOCUMENTARY ; Record Review ; THOSE IN NEED ; POETRY READING: Criticism and Reply ; SURVEY ON MARIJUANA ; BLACK PANTHER PARTY PLATFORM AND PROGRAM ; OU Begins Urban Studies Center ; SPORTS: OU Team Deafeats Delta ; Cross Country Coach A Champion Runner



Oakland Students Committee on Community Relations, Oakland University Police Department, Gregory, Dick, Riesman, David, Vietnam War, Dormitories, Oakland University. Center for Multicultural Initiatives