Minutes of the Meeting of the University Senate, December 7, 1978

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Engineering, School of-Constitution. 1st reading. Writing proficiency-must be completed before enrollment in upper level classes. Graduation requirements-second baccalaureate degree. 1st reading. General Education, Commission on-establishment, charge & membership. Commission on General Education-establishment. Credits-Committee on Course Credits-establishment, charge & membership. Course credits-Commmittee on Course Credits-establishment, charge & membership. Entry Year-Interdivisional Study Commission on Entry Year-establishment, charge & membership. Freshmen-Interdivisional Study Commission on Entry Year-establishment, charge & membership. Sports & Recreation, President's Committee on-info item. President's Committee on Sports & Recreation-info item. Student Organizations-info item. Athletics-President's Committee on Sports & Recreation.


Agenda and Minutes for the December 7, 1978 Meeting of the University Senate


Oakland University. School of Engineering and Computer Science, Constitutions, Writing proficiency, Graduation requirements, Credits, Entry year, Freshmen, Oakland University. Student Organizations, Athletics, Oakland University. Commission on General Education, Oakland University. Senate. Committee on Course Credits, Oakland University. President's Committee on Sports and Recreation, Oakland University. Interdivisional Study Commission on Entry Year, Second baccalaureate degrees