The Oakland Post 1991-02-04

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Wrecked van up for auction ; Drivers stuck in parking mess ; Conference center plans put on hold: Proposals for its construction; however; still being accepted ; Sleep study to be conducted; volunteers needed ; Squirrel Road right of way proposal being considered ; Groups pleased with volunteer fair results: Focus: HOPE and Recordings for the Blind just two groups happy with new recruits ; Student wins scholarship from automotive group ; Crime Watch ; Athletics stiff women's teams ; Letter to the Editor People must fight prejudice in themselves before society can ; Correction ; No healthy future without knowing whole past ; Letters link troops and loved ones ; Two OU programs fit job market demands: Perfect hiring rate for nursing grads ; Every physical therapy graduate has choice of ten jobs in their speciality ; Ensemble plans tour to Europe ; DANCE Harbinger Dance Company premiers at Varner ; Emeritus professors leave but maintain OU ties ; THEATRE Dreaming at Meadow Brook ; Q: Do you think the extra security measures being taken for terrorism are justified?: OU News Views ; Campuses call abroad students back home: Campus Spotlight ; What's Happening ; ZOO U. ; Quote of the Week ; The Weekly Crossword Puzzle ; This Week's Horoscope ; McGregor leads cagers over No. 1 GVSU ; Women win three: Three-point shooting improves Lamphere; Leigh step up play ; Tankers suffer long-distance loss



Parking, Conference Center, Volunteerism, Squirrel Road widening