The Oakland Post 1987-09-28

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Creative anachronism ; New guest policy considered ; New guest policy considered ; Animal care conditions need to be improved ; Labs conduct animal research ; Financial aid tests students' patience ; Fair fun ; Stress contributes to suicide attempts Help is available for students ; NEWS BRIEFS $600 stolen from student ; Dorm resident possibly set up ; Congress meets ; Accreditation important ; Bug search ; Offices should remain open during lunch ; Letters to the Editor - Student believes apathy major problem among dorm residents ; Suicide blurb tasteless appalling ; Student thinks sex on students' minds more than story said ; New roads fun run too much in one day ; Suicide briefs fail to serve useful purpose ; Library still collecting rest of $2.5 million ; BLOOM COUNTY ; Jabberwocks head Mainstage season ; Transcendentalist recommends meditation for relaxation ; Belly Dancer ; Choir tours Europe ; New group explores cultures ; 'Baby Boom' chuckles with working mothers ; Class encourages creativity ; Going - Going - Gone! ; What's Happening ; In Their Own Words ; Soccer boys clean up beat two opponents ; Volleyball team goes to 11-1 beats nationally ranked team ; Tattooed soccer player hopes for playoff return ; Saginaw takes a beating again netters victorious ; Cross country runners place 26th need more experience says Commerson ; Soccer club stays unbeaten; Nagler scores 4 in one game.



Animal research, Financial aid, Stress, Stress, Meditation, Suicide, Accreditation