The Oakland Post 1992-04-01

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


The Jokeland Post ; Marroitt Lauded ; Parking structure ; Football Pep Rally ; WOUX Recognized ; Lah-Lah-Pallooza II ; Free Books ; Pioneer "IT" T-shirts ; Computer money distributed; put to good use in museum ; Plan to outsource students unveiled ; Shaft brings drafts ; DUMB bus accident mysterious ; Geese get revenge for massacre ; OUR VIEW Program treats students like adults ; YOUR VIEW ; Staff missing all the important clues ; Geese get no respect; no respect at all ; Crazed local man feels board stole his job ; Lay off sweet (toothed) USC members ; Columnist as meaningful as fruit namesake: NATIONAL VIEW ; President's dog anticipates good life ; Daily precautions spur dance craze: Poop Shuffle brings national attention to OU ; Department predicts year's wear and tear on first family ; OU hopes DOPES learn by osmosis ; Lecter look alike cooks-up choice chops in chef series ; Andre counsels Pioneer tennis ; Lavish; lovely Lepley lauded ; Pioneer Person reveals secret life Pioneer Person; Before and After ; GQ praises Taylor for hoops fashion sense; awareness Daly considered a factor



April Fools' Day, Humor