The Oakland Post 2014-11-12

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Magic on the Dance Floor ; on the web ; this week ; PHOTO OF THE WEEK ; POLL OF THE WEEK ; LAST WEEK'S POLL ; THIS WEEK IN HISTORY ; Editorial STAFF EDITORIAL Regulated we stand; monopolized we fall ; Perspectives Community Involvement IS all it's jazzed up to be ; No matter what you are majoring in or doing at OU; there are easy opportunities to have a good time ; Perspectives Give me your tired; poor; huddled masses - legally ; Student statesman sheds light and voices opinion on the American illegal vs. legal immigration plight ; Campus Grizzlies on the Prowl ; "How do you feel about noshave November - beards?" ; POLICE: Vehicle damage reported in P-2 ; Campus Looking ahead and reaching high: Strategic planning committee shares plans; answers questions on vision and goals ; AROUND CAMPUS ; Campus Clinton event assault: the real issue at hand ; Campus Students search for time to sleep ; Full-time students doubling as full-time employees have difficulty prioritizing ; Campus Healthier habits lead to happier hearts ; Annual Benefits and Wellness Fair provides tips; pushes students to 'get healthy and stay healthy' ; Campus Yule Ball returns; enchants and entertains students: Muggles and wizards alike danced the night away at the Oakland University Quidditch League's second annual Harry Potter-themed ball ; Behind the scar: Did you know? ; Princess ; Make-a-Wish ; Campus Shots; shots; everybody ; Graham Health Center encourages vaccination against the flu virus ; Flu or False? ; 5 Reasons Not to Get the Flu Vaccine (And Why They're Bogus) 1. "I got the vaccine and still got the flu." ; Campus Doing their Peace ; Sudents dedicate time and resources to help Iraqi families ; Puzzles ; Mouthing Off SATIRE Parking ticket passion ; SHOWER: Homeshake - In The Shower ; Life 'Music chooses you' ; OU provost performs with famous guitarist Celino Romero ; Published poet? Check that off ; Student makes an early headway into the publishing world through poetry ; They were just like us once upon a time: Maybe the professors we think we know aren't so different from their students after all ; Campus A classical affair: Department of Music; Theatre and Dance features chamber ensemble showcasing student musicians ; Cultivating compassion for chronic condition ; Life For those with beard; we salute you" ; Seven great beards (in no particular order) ; Sports Don't mess with this Dood ; Jessica Dood looks to elevate to the next level All-freshman season ; Thrilling dual meet leaves Grizzlies short of victory ; Sports Opportunities in every loss ; Women's soccer team stays positive after last game of season ; Cancer hits home for men's basketball ; Basketball team organizes fundraiser for opener ; Sports 'Motivation to prove that we are good' ; Olujobi give Kampe second thoughts on redshirt plan ; THE SPORTING BLITZ: Men's Soccer



Strategic planning, Student employment, Health concerns, Student activities, Yule Ball, Influenza, Iraq, Poetry